Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Rain, Rain...Go Away...

It's been a cold, windy, rainy last couple days...and I'm anxiously awaiting some sunshine. I've been busy working on the backyard to make it look prettier. It was a bit of a disaster when we moved in - all of the gardens were pretty much a disaster. There were dead shrubs, plants, leaves etc. that needed to be dug up. All the flower beds (6 in total) were crooked and made using old pieces of wood. And the grass...what grass?? It's so patchy and non-existent in some parts!! Here are some 'before' pictures - so you can see what we were in store for!!

I will post some 'after' pictures when I get a chance. We don't have anything planted yet (except a raspberry bush and a rose bush...and some veggies - but they're underground). As soon as the risk of snow/frost is gone, we will be getting around to that!

And as for my other projects...I'm starting to work on sewing a cosmetic bag - using some very nice, asian-inspired fabrics. AND...I am making a pleated purse using Basic Grey 'Blush' fabric!! Yippee!!

As for scrapbooking, it's National Scrapbook Day (Weekend) and am looking forward to getting a ton of stuff done! We'll see how much I really get done through all the shopping and chatting, but it should be a fun weekend, nonetheless.

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  1. Have fun this weekend... are ya gonna miss me? I'm so sad Melanie and i missed out this year. Well you snooze you lose right? I've learned my lesson.

    Can't wait to see the after yard pictures. Have you had a chance to come over to my blog to check things out? I am really loving blogland!