Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I'm such a slacker...we'll at least when it comes to keeping this blog updated.

I'm off!! Yippee! Tomorrow morning I am heading to San Antonio with my sister for a little vacation. It should be a blast (as always) with a week worth of shopping, sight-seeing and eating. I'll be sure to take a ton of pictures! - Don't I always??

The weather around here finally has gotten nice again. All the plants have been put outdoors. Half the backyard has been dug-up and seeded. And now it is time to enjoy the weather.

I'm still trying to get around to taking pictures of my latest project (a cosmetic bag) and some of my recent scrapbooking pages...I guess I'll have to do it when I get back. Here's a sneak peak, though. Inspired by the beautiful weather.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

What a Hoot!

I FINALLY finished my first real sewing project. It was a kit my sister picked up for me at the quilt show in Manitoba...isn't he cute? He's got a little owl that goes with him - so that's my next project (it's the same owl, only smaller!....yikes!). I think he turned out not too bad for a beginner seamstress!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

National Scrapbooking Weekend and Other Updates

Well. This past weekend was National Scrapbooking Day. I went to two of the local scrapbooking stores and scrapped for 26 hours total. Let's just say, I didn't get as much done as I had hoped, but I had lots of fun!! I'm loving all the new product and bought the new Max and Whiskers line by Basic Grey. It's pretty cute and the colors are great. Here are the layouts that I did get done..

As for my other little projects on the go...the sewing is coming along - I'm working on a cosmetic bag and two cute stuffed owls. They are a little time consuming, as I am no where near an expert seamstress and got stuck on step 1. But thanks to Leslie, I am now on to step 2. I just have to pick up a few supplies to finsih them - hoping to get them done in the next day or two. Yippee!!

Last night, I had to re-pot my little garden plants as they were getting a bit too big for the trays. This is how big they are now!!

Unfortunately, the garden has to be put on hold - this is what I woke up to this morning!!