Friday, April 9, 2010

How Does Your Garden Grow??

It's spring! - Except that there's snow on the ground as of last night....but I did get around to planting my seeds on Monday indoors. I planted a nice variety of fruits and vegetables and lots of flowers. Some of my favorites (and I hope they grow up to be big and strong) include watermelon, pumpkin, bleeding hearts, zinnias, and morning glory. Here is a look at Day 0 - planting day.

And Guess what???? On Thursday I wandered upstairs to look at my tiny little seeds to see how they were doing and...I have little seedlings!! Apparently the lettuce was eager to come up so it sprouted first! - followed very quickly (as of today) by Zinnia, Cosmos, Hollyhocks, Allysums and Morning Glories!

1 comment:

  1. OMG they are sooo cute lol - i had no idea they grew so fast - maybe i will give it a try - i would love love love to have fresh peas this summer. Have you decided about scrapbooking in May?

    Come visit me at sometime - i put music on it - its probably stuff you would like too!